eDoc LLC Software: Hard Copy vs. Downloadable Software

When eDoc LLC first began in early 2009 we assessed whether to offer our customers eDoc Organizer Document Management Solution as a boxed software on CDs or as downloadable packages from our website. It was quickly apparent how offering a downloadable software solution would be superior for a number of reasons.

The first reason we chose to have our software only available as a download was cost. By eliminating the cost of manufacturing and shipping disks we were able to pass on that savings onto our customers. By keeping initial and upgrade costs low, we are able to keep our software affordable to families and businesses everywhere.

The other major reason for choosing a download only software is the ability to give our customers access to updates immediately. Whether it’s a minor or major release, our customers have access to bug fixes and updates the same day we release them, giving them immediate access to the most current version. With boxed software we would have to gather all the updates and release them all at once, and even then you would have to wait for the disks to be made and then shipped to you. The way we see it, if a customer has a problem we want to fix it the same day or week, not in the same year!

If you have any questions or would like to tell us your perspective, email us at [email protected] Thanks for reading!