eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition Updates Released

eDoc Organizer is pleased to announce the release of the new update to eDoc Organizer Cloud Document Management service. This update contains the following new features:

Web Client

New Feature: Upload Documents

Need to upload one or more documents from a different computer or mobile device? Now you can. Just click the Upload button in the documents tab of the web client.


From here you can select or drag and drop the files you want to upload. On mobile devices that support it, you can even take a picture using your camera and upload it directly to eDoc Organizer Cloud Web Client.


eDoc Organizer Cloud Web Client even allows you to upload multiple files simultaneously. All image files uploaded using the Web Client are also automatically OCR’d so that you can easily find them later.


New Feature: Ability to Delete Documents

Click the Delete button in the Web Client to easily delete documents without having to open the Desktop Client. If you accidentally delete a document, you can recover it using the recycle bin.


New Feature: Download Previous Versions of Documents

You can now easily open and view previous versions of documents directly from the Web Client. Just click the arrow besides the Download File button and click on the Previous Versions link.


Enhancement: Proper Indexing of Outlook MSG Files and PDF Portfolio Files

eDoc Organizer cloud service indexing has been enhanced to handle PDF portfolio files and emails in Outlook MSG format. Now you can search for these documents by their contents in addition to the other attributes applied to them.

Desktop Client

New Feature: Ability to View Audit Log Information for a Particular Document Directly in eDoc Organizer Desktop Client

Once you open a particular document in eDoc Organizer Cloud Desktop Client, look for the Audit Log button next to the Document Identifier.


Clicking on the Audit Log button will open the detailed audit log information for that particular document.


Enhancement: Redesigned Filters Panel for Ease of Use and Better Performance

We know that eDoc Organizer users love the filters panel. It allows you to easily narrow down and find the document you are looking for quickly. In version 4.7 we have completely redesigned how labels are displayed in the Filters Panel.


Now you can get all the important information about a particular label without having to hover over it. You can quickly see which Label Group a particular label belongs to and how many documents in the filtered list have that label applied to them.

Labels in the filters panel are now arranged sequentially rather than side by side to ensure that it is easy to find the label you are looking for. If a label’s name is too big to fit in the space, you can even resize the filter’s panel to see more of the label text. Of course you can still hover over the label to see its full name in a tooltip.

If you have a lot of labels, this redesign also provides a 10x performance improvement in the loading of the filters panel and in turn eDoc Organizer in general.

New Feature: The Ability to Append Pages to a PDF File from an Existing PDF File on the Computer

You can still append pages to an existing PDF by scanning them with your scanner, but starting in version 4.7 you can also append pages from an existing PDF file from your computer. To do so just click the button below.


New Feature: Dedicated Button to Rotate Page by 180 Degrees in the Scan Document Wizard and PDF Viewer

Scanned your page upside down? Now you can correct it with a single click using the Rotate 180° button in the tool bar of the Scan Document Wizard or the PDF Viewer.



In addition to the major features above, Desktop Client version 4.7 also contains various minor bug fixes.