Exciting Changes to eDoc Organizer Edition Options


End of an Era: Home & Business Editions to Phase Out as On-Premise & Cloud Editions Become Leaders in Document Management Solutions

If you have been to www.edocorganizer.com recently, you probably have noticed some different options to choose from.  While eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition has been a staple for a couple of years now, we are now excited to offer eDoc Organizer On-Premise Edition as well.  We have discontinued eDoc Organizer Home Edition as well as eDoc Organizer Business Edition.  There are many reasons for this, including the need to upgrade the software from the database up as technology improves and changes.

eDoc Organizer On-Premise Edition is a similar solution to, and replaces our Home and Business editions.  On-Premise Edition is a local solution that is downloaded onto your computer and your documents are stored there as well. 

With the discontinuation of our Home and Business Editions, we will also be phasing out our online backup service sometime in early 2016. Five GB of free Off-site backup storage is now included with all On-Premise Edition subscriptions. 

We are also excited to introduce our first ever eDoc Organizer Mac App. For users using Mac OSX Yosemite or above, we now offer an option to use eDoc Organizer on a Mac through our Cloud Edition.

If you are interested in trialing either our On-Premise or Cloud Editions, please go to our website to sign up for a free 2-week trial. 

To make the transition from Home and Business Editions to either the Cloud or On-Premise Edition, our support team has created a simple migration utility that will help transfer all your documents and their labels from the old software to the new editions. Going forward, we will no longer be selling support extensions for our Home or Business Editions, but we are committed to assist our current customers within support subscriptions through September 2016.  Please contact [email protected] for questions. 

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