Small Business Week 2014

Happy Small Business Week! eDoc LLC started out as a small business, utilizing services provided by the Small Business Administration and other entities like it to help us grow and develop into the company we are today. We know what it is like to be a small business; multitasking, decision making; working constantly. We also know that there are some things that make the journey easier, collaboration with the right people, good learning resources, and in our opinion, great software.

eDoc Organizer was designed to help the small business grow, by providing the ability to easily organize documents without having a huge upfront cost or need to invest in training to use the program. By reducing the time it takes to find the information you need, you’re in essence giving that time back to your company to use it on something else more important. What every small business knows is that there are only so many hours in the day, eDoc Organizer allows you to spend more of that time growing your business.

Our business edition is perfect for the business with employees that are under the same roof, but in today’s fast moving connected world, sometimes that is not the case. For those businesses we also have a cloud edition that allows for your staff to access important files securely at anytime from anywhere. Our Cloud Edition also diminishes the up-front cost, allowing for a pay as you go monthly subscription that can be changed overtime as your needs grow.

By owning the right software for your business you can streamline daily tasks and get back to what is important. Here at eDoc Organizer, we pride ourselves at the partnerships we have built over the years with small businesses, helping and watching them grow and thrive. To read about one company that we have worked with to help efficiently manage their documents read our case study on Gainesville Coins.

If you have any questions about how eDoc Organizer can help build your business grow, contact [email protected]