eDoc Organizer Document Management Software

Easy to use Digital Filing System for Homes and Businesses

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Unique labelling and organization system allows you to organize your documents in a more intuitive way


Document management system that adjusts to the way you think and allows you to tailor it to your needs


Powerful features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), universal scanner support, automated folder monitoring and many more

Document Management Solutions that Meet your Needs

eDoc Organizer offers two different types of solutions to meet your needs. Both eDoc Organizer Cloud and eDoc Organizer On-Premise editions are designed to be easy to use, yet packed full of intuitive features that will save you time and effort. Either solution can be customized to fit your unique needs.

eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition

Organize and access your documents from anywhere on any device

eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition web based document management solution provides secure access to your documents from anywhere, using any device. Our low cost monthly plans allow you to pay as you go, without requiring a huge initial investment. Now you can rest easy knowing your documents are never out of reach.

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eDoc Organizer On-Premise Edition

Organize and store your documents on your computers

eDoc Organizer On-Premise Edition document management solution allows you to store your documents locally on your own computer. Get started quickly and easily with a system that doesn't require training and has a pay as you go pricing model. Whether you are an individual or business, eDoc Organizer On-Premise will fit your needs.

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