About eDoc LLC

Creators of eDoc Organizer Document Management Software

eDoc LLC came out of an idea to prevent clutter. After an accidental shredding of important paperwork, our head developer wanted a way to keep records of important documents without taking up much room, freeing up valuable space that would have been taken up by file and storage cabinets. Many standard programs offered the same old way of keeping documents; through a complicated folder structure that had folder after folder of information that many times took way too long to find. Our developer wanted to break away from the mold of folders and came up with the idea of labels, which allowed for better and easier organization for the ever changing and increasing world of document management.

That was back in 2009; since then, through feedback from our valuable customers, we have enhanced eDoc Organizer to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you are a home user, small business, or a large corporation, eDoc Organizer can help you be more organized and efficient. We haven't lost sight of our core values that make the program simple and easy to use, while providing everything you need to organize your documents at an affordable price.