eDoc Organizer Document Management Cloud Solution

eDoc Organizer Cloud allows you to customize the plan that is right for you or your business while providing secure access to your documents from anywhere. Our web based solution always comes with our standard intuitive features that make inputting and managing documents quick and easy, using the same user friendly interface of eDoc Organizer thousands know and trust. Whether you need to manage your family’s documents or you represent a small business, you can securely log onto your account from anywhere, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your documents are never out of reach.

  • Cloud based, online access from any browser device
  • Pay as you go monthly plans keep startup investment low, free trial available
  • A la carte pricing lets you only pay for what you need, change your plan anytime
  • Ideal for individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes
  • Have the program on as many computers as you wish
  • Get started quickly and easily, no training required
  • No need for special infrastructure to store your documents
  • Search, retrieve, manage and share files from anywhere

eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition

Perfect forEveryone
License Per User
Price Starting at $10/month

eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition Features

Web Browser Image

Secure Web Client

Access your documents on any browser using the Web client. Provides secure access to your documents over the internet.

Mobile Device Image

Access from any Device

Access information on the go using your mobile devices. Also, available via web browser to Mac, Linux and Windows RT.

Multi User Image

Granular Permissions

Control who has add, edit and delete powers as well as what documents each user can access.

Audit Log Image

User Activity Audit Log

Track when and which documents are being accessed by each user.

Version Control

Version Control

Retain unlimited versions of documents and revert back to any older version at any time. A new version of the document is created when a document is saved after changes have been made.

Recycle Bin Image

Recycle bin

Prevent accidental deletion of documents by having the ability to recover documents.

Labels Image

Unique Labeling & Organization System

eDoc Organizer uses labels instead of folders so you can assign multiple categories to a document instead of only one. This means that each document can be found under multiple categories, and each category can be combined with others to help find documents quickly.

Search Image

Comprehensive Search Engine

eDoc Organizer has a comprehensive and powerful search engine that includes post-scan optical character recognition (OCR) in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. You can also search by labels, dates and even any comments you made about the document.

Inspect Document Image

Easy Document Classification

Using OCR, eDoc Organizer will even suggest labels while you’re scanning and importing to help you quickly and easily classify your documents as you add them to the system. You can also add labels at any time by simply dragging and dropping the label onto the document.

Scanner Image

Universal Scanner Support

Use the scanner you already own. eDoc Organizer is compatible with both TWAIN and WIA compliant scanners, ensuring a wide compatibility with most scanner manufacturers.

Screen Image

Inbuilt Screen Capture

Capture anything you see on your computer screen and save it directly into eDoc Organizer. You can also perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the screen capture so that you can find it easily later.

Printer Image

Included PDF Converter & Printer

Create PDFs from webpages or any other application that supports printing and save them directly into eDoc Organizer using the eDoc Organizer virtual printer.

Folder Image

Automated Folder Monitoring

Continuously monitor specified folders for activity and automatically import documents into eDoc Organizer. You can even specify various options that can help automate processes in your organization based on which folder the documents are imported from.

PDF Image

Industry Standard PDF Format

eDoc Organizer saves your documents in PDF format and automatically creates searchable PDFs of any scanned paper document. The Searchable PDF feature includes live text with PDF images, enabling you to easily and accurately search for information in PDF documents.