Changing Editions: What if I Want to Migrate to a Different Edition of eDoc Organizer?

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Since discontinuing our Home and Business editions, we have created migration tools to allow our customers to move their previous data to our new editions. Depending on the size of your backup, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. You can migrate Home or Business Edition to both Cloud and On-Premise.

Migrating eDoc Organizer Home/Business Edition data to the On-Premise Edition:

  1. Create a local backup from your eDoc Organizer Home/Business Edition (File > Backup menu item). You might already have this part done.
  2. Download and install the On-Premise Migration Utility from
  3. Use the Migration Utility to migrate the eDoc Organizer Home/Business Edition backup created in step 1 to the On-Premise Edition.
  4. Verify that the data has been successfully transferred to the On-Premise edition.
  5. (Optional) Activate On-Premise Edition on the new computer.
  6. (Optional) If customer chooses, setup automated Off-Site backup for On-Premise edition.

PLEASE NOTE: The migration utility only adds data to the on-premise edition. It doesn't delete the existing data. It is recommended that you delete all default Labels and Label Groups from the On-Premise edition before starting the migration process to avoid duplication. The easiest way to do this is to go to Tools > Configure Label Groups menu item in the On-Premise client and delete all existing groups before starting the migration process.

Migrating eDoc Organizer Home/Business Edition data to the Cloud Edition:

  1. Sign up for an eDoc Organizer Cloud Edition account at
  2. Create a local backup of your eDoc Organizer Home/Business Edition data using the File > Backup menu item in eDoc Organizer Home/Business Edition.
  3. Download and install the Cloud Migration Utility from the following link: The Cloud Migration Utility can take a eDoc Organizer home/business edition backup and migrate it to the cloud service.
  4. Run the Cloud Migration Utility. Enter the credentials of the eDoc Organizer Cloud service account and point the utility to the latest backup from your eDoc Organizer home edition. Click the 'Start Migration' button to start the upload of your data to the cloud account.

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