Folder Monitoring Does the Work for You

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Folder monitoring is a feature of eDoc Organizer that increases productivity by ensuring all your important files get into your document management system. The way this feature works is that it monitors the folders on your computer that you choose for new documents, and then imports them into eDoc Organizer. When new documents are added to these folders eDoc Organizer automatically imports these files into your document storage. You can set it to make any file that is imported from an individual folder be automatically labeled with specified labels. You can also dictate that once a file is imported to eDoc Organizer, the file can be moved out of its original folder and into another folder or even deleted. This feature ensures that all of your important documents make it into your eDoc Organizer so you are able to find them quickly and in one location.

To set up folder monitoring, simply open up your eDoc Organizer and go to the Tool bar. Under Tool drop down to configure folder monitors, where you will click on add. This will open a window where you can choose the folder that will be monitored, add labels that will be automatically added to the documents and designate where the documents will be moved to outside of eDoc Organizer. To choose to delete the file from the folder, select delete source files. Be sure to click the Save button when you have selected the settings you prefer.

Folders are monitored for new files only when eDoc Organizer is running. Any files added when eDoc Organizer is closed are imported the next time the program is started.

To edit folder monitors, simply go back to Tool->Configure Folder Monitors choose the folder that you wish to edit from the list of folders you are having eDoc Organizer monitor, and select Edit. Make the changes you wish and then be sure to save your work. To delete a folder monitor you would go to the same location but chose the delete option. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the folder monitor.

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