What is the Difference Between Document Management and Document Storage?

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People often wonder what, if any, the difference is between document management and document storage. While there are several differences, let’s simplify it into some easy points:

  • · Document storage is simply storing documents, you can do this on your computer, online or elsewhere.
  • · Document Management is typically a program that has several features that assist in inputting, storing, finding and sharing documents. This can be software you put on your computer or access online.
  • · Everyone, from individuals to businesses, needs a way to manage and to store their documents; document management provides both solutions whereas document storage does not.

Document management solutions usually offer features such as audit logs, versioning, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), multi-user permissions, and various ways to import paper and digital documents such scanning, importing, and folder monitoring to just name a few.

Document storage usually offers a folder structure for storing documents and sometimes very basic search abilities. eDoc Organizer uses labels for organizing documents as opposed to folders and filenames that make it difficult to locate specific files.

Document management provides you a way to store, manage and find documents easily. eDoc Organizer is a document management solution created with ease of use in mind. It is built with the latest technologies and contains the features mentioned above that help you easily store and manage your documents. eDoc Organizer offers four editions to fit your specific needs, check out our Cloud and Business Editions to learn more. If you have a question email us at [email protected]

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